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home fragrance oilsHome fragrance oils… One of the pleasures in life is after a long tiring day at work is to return to your dwelling and being greeted by an aroma filled house, apartment, or room, an aroma which is special to you and your home.   You can relax in lovely relaxing scent-filled place.  How do you transform your home or perhaps just a room into a scent-filled haven of relaxation with home fragrance oil.

Begin by learning about the elements which are needed to achieve this; these include home fragrance oils, essential oils, scented candles, scented oils, and reed diffusers and others.  What is needed depends on personal taste and how you will use fragrance in the home.

Essential oils are extracts from natural plants and include scents such as: cedar wood, jasmine, lavender, or rose. Essential oils are usually of one scent however two or more are sometimes blended together in one bottle.  There are several to choose from and you need to smell them to decide which is best suited to you.  Essential oils are concentrated and used on their own in tiny quantities; they are combined with other materials such as wax to make scented candles or with glycerine and other materials to make scented soap.

Home Fragrance Oils Different Types

Scented oils are made from essential oils and are lighter and less concentrated.  By adding essential oil to an oil base (or carrier oil) you can make your own scented oil with a scent unique to you.  Scented oil can be placed on oil rings and placed on top of a bulb or lamp to diffuse its fragrance as the ring heats up.

Scented candles (which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and fragrances) are a wonderful way to add fragrance to a room. Candle light will also add warmth and of course romance to a room along with a special aroma.

Reed diffusers are small reeds fitted in a container and work by drawing up or ‘wicking’ scented oil into the air.  These are especially good in areas where flame is not appropriate when scenting a room.  From time to time turn the reeds in the diffuser as this will help keep the scent evenly distributed and fresh.  The oil will need to be replaced now and again and can last for many months.

Home fragrance oil adds a feeling of warmth and relaxation to your home which gives you, your friends, and family loving memories of your home.

Home Fragrance Oil Different Uses

Unlike essential oils fragrance oils, occasionally known as fragrant oils, burning oils, simmering oils, and potpourri oil, are made mostly from synthetic materials and are generally used in make-up, home scents, and perfumes.  They should not be used on the body.   For thousands of years fragrance oils were and are today used in ceremonies, anointing, and to purify and invigorate home and work areas.   Fragrance oils have many uses ten popular ones are:

10 Unexpected Uses of Home Fragrance Oils

  1. Use as a spray to freshen up any room by adding a few drops to a spray bottle filled with water.
  2. Simply add drop or two of your favourite fragrance into the melted wax near the wick of any candle, either unscented or one which is weakly scented, this will fill the room as the candle burns.
  3. One method of fighting carpet odours is to mix fragrance oils, several drops, with cornstarch or baking soda.  Mix well and allow this to dry for one or two days and sprinkle the now dry mixture on the carpet and leave for a half hour to an hour.  Then vacuum the carpet which now smells fresh again.
  4. Freshen up your potpourri by adding several drops of your favourite scent.  You can repeat this as often as you wish.
  5. You can give a personal and thoughtful gift.  Simply infuse a bookmark or stationery with fragrance oil, the recipient will be reminded of you when they use the item.
  6. Keep shoes smelling fresh by simply sprinkling a few drops of fragrance oil into each shoe.
  7. Keep your linen sweet-smelling. Sprinkle a few drops of fragrance oil on a paper towel(s) and place these between pillow cases, sheets or towels.
  8. Keep your stored clothing fresh and fragrant.  Place a cotton ball soaked in a few drops of fragrance oil in the drawer where clothing is stored.
  9. Get fresh smelling laundry by adding several drops of fragrance oil to each wash.
  10. Use a six inch by six inch, 150cm by 150cm, soaked in fragrance oil, several drops, in your dryer; this is an excellent dryer sheet.

There are several opportunities to freshen up using fragrance oils in the home which are inexpensive and money saving.

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